Apple’s 2012 Black Friday sale

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For those of you who love a bargain but don’t want to brave the hardcore holiday shopping crowd, good news! Apple has posted a one-day sale on the Apple Store web page. Deals include the new Retina iPad for $41 off, the new iPod touch for $31 off, and Macbooks of all flavors for $101 off.

You can view all the deals on one handy page, which includes the iPad 2 ($31 off), the iPod touch 4th generation ($21 off), Airport Extreme/Time Capsule, the Magic Mouse, Trackpad, and Wireless Keyboard, as well as Smart Covers and the new Apple headphones.

Of minor interest about the Macbook deals: they’re actually $1 better than the education discount, and if you view the deals page as an Education customer, you don’t get the (slightly) better deal. The page shows Macbooks as part of the Black Friday sale, but lists their price for a 13″ Macbook Pro with Retina Display as $1,599 (standard Education discount), and not $1,598. So, save a buck!

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