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Did Quentin Tarantino attend Catholic School? If he did, I imagine Nun Attack is the kind of thing you would’ve found sketched out in his social studies notes. Nun Attack isn’t just about killing demons, after all, it’s about style. So get thee to a nunnery and save the world!

What is it?

Nun Attack is a shooter of sorts. The general point is work your way into battle arenas by dodging and deflecting aerial attacks from demon portals, then blasting away all the demons with your team of nuns. Why? Because one of the Sisters, Mortana, has turned to evil, and it’s up to Eva, Rosy, Olga, and Mandy to restore balance to the world.

Nun Attack

How does it work?

There are two basic components to Nun Attack: tactical action and weapon management. In the action sequences, you tap on the nun you want to select and draw a path to her target. Usually, this is the enemy she needs to shoot. The different nuns have different capabilities, so you’ll want to maximize them for best effect. Olga, for example, can take more of a beating than the others, and has the ability to taunt enemies into focusing on her. Mandy, on the other hand, doesn’t have much defense, but does have the ability to heal others.

Nun Attack

Using the full team effectively is the key to success.

So, sadly, are in-app purchases. During the action sequences, you can collect gold to upgrade your weapons. However, it didn’t seem to be enough in my case, as the difficulty ramps up quickly. The more gold you have, the better your weapons can be, the more damage you can do to the demons, the longer you can survive.

Nun Attack

The weapons become quite fun to use, and the demons get more ridiculous as you go along, but if you can get there without financial assistance, you’re a better nun than I ever was.

Is it contagious?

Yes, it’s good fun, and quite intense. The design is quite slick and stylized, and the voiceovers are very well done.

Nun Attack

The game has a cinematic style to it that’s slick and effective, allowing you to gloss over the fact that you’re basically controlling a bunch of nuns who are much more efficient with assault weapons than you really want nuns to be. But hey, who am I to judge, right?

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