X-Doria Sleeve Stand for iPad mini review

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Provides: Protection for iPad Mini
Developer: X-Doria
Minimum Requirements: iPad Mini
Price: $29.99
Availability: Now

Up for review is a pretty interesting sleeve for your iPad Mini. It’s interesting sleeve because it not only serves as a pouch into which you can tuck your iPad Mini but also as a stand. I mean, the sleeve itself doubles up as a stand for your iPad mini.

This is made possible by adhering two relatively soft plastic materials on the top and lower edges of the sleeve’s opening, just below the zipper line. To use it as a stand, you simply place your iPad Mini in a landscape position in between two materials. The sleeve then serves as a cushion for your iPad Mini so it won’t come into contact with the surface. It’s a pretty clever idea, really, and eliminates the need to use a separate stand.

The X-Doria Sleeve Stand suits those who prefer to use their iPad Mini without any casing and just want to put it inside a sleeve or pouch. The plastic material has a clearance that just fits the thin form factor of the iPad Mini, so you won’t be able to use it with a case on.

Aside from serving as a stand, the sleeve in itself is pretty good. It has soft padded interior and zippered enclosure. The zipper won’t scratch your iPad Mini when inside the sleeve.

Additional feautures include a strap to easily carry your iPad Mini while inside the sleeve, and can also be easily tucked inside the sleeve’s pocket. There’s also a built-in storage pouch which you can use to store cords and adapters.

The X-Doria Sleeve Stand is available in four color designs and will set you back only $29.99. If you’re looking for something new to hold your iPad Mini as you carry it around, this Sleeve Stand will be a pretty good choice.

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