Arcane Legends MMO now available on iOS

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Arcane Legends

I’ve been following the development of Arcane Legends since meeting with Spacetime Studios at E3 2012. As such, it was a bit disappointing when the game launched two weeks ago for Android and Chrome, but Apple will be Apple, and we knew it was coming. Now, the online co-op RPG has arrived on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, Retina display optimized.

Arcane Legends

Arcane Legends is the fourth title in the Legends franchise, which also includes Pocket Legends, Star Legends, and Dark Legends. Combined, they’ve made the Legends games the world’s largest cross-platform mobile/desktop MMO franchise.

As for this new entry:

Set in the fantasy world of Arlor and beset on all sides by evil forces, players must battle foul goblins, trolls, necromancers and much more in their quest for glory and gold. Players help the local townsfolk as well as a host of exotic and magical animals, enrolling the latter to join them as battle companions.

Those “exotic and magical animals” are part of an innovative “companion” system that allows players to collect pets for use in combat. The pets have varying skills and buffs that can be selecting to complement your particular playing style, and they will level up along side you, gaining access to new skills and abilities. Thirty-six pets are available now, with more to come via free updates.

Arcane Legends is free in the App Store, and features “… optional microtransactions for virtual currency that enhance the play experience in a wide variety of ways.”

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