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I’ve never done any sleepwalking. I occasionally react to my dreams, like jumping out of bed to brush the nonexistent spiders away, or that time back in college when I suddenly realized I was outside my dorm in the middle of the night, shaking a tree to get the nonexistent spiders out of it. Beyond that, I tend sleep pretty well.

If I ever do start sleepwalking, I hope I have someone better than me flipping levers and raising/lowering levels so I can collect all my stars and get safely back to bed.

What is it?

Sleepwalker’s Journey is an environment puzzle game. Moonboy has been sneezed out of his lunar bed, and it’s up to you to guide him back.

Sleepwalker's Journey

The problem is that Moonboy is still asleep, and is unaware of his surroundings. You must therefore manipulate his pathway to keep him safe.

How does it work?

Moonboy walks automatically from left to right, and you have to clear his path by swiping and tapping objects. Raise and lower platforms, adjust ramps, that kind of thing. As the game progresses, the traps become more perilous and harder to navigate, making for frantic interaction with the touchscreen.

And, of course, it’s not just a matter of getting safely from point A to point B. There are stars and moons to pick up along the way, all of which seem to be having a more peaceful sleep than our hero.

This goes on for over 45 levels, but it’s fun and varied enough that the game never wears out its welcome.

Is it contagious?

Yes, Sleepwalker’s Journey is quite charming. The colorful graphics and animations are like something out of a children’s picture book, and the ambient noises are very soothing. The whole game has an appropriately dreamy vibe to it that makes it quite calming to get into, although it does get nerve-racking.

Sleepwalker's Journey

But even during its more intense moments, it’s always fun…certainly better than shaking imaginary snakes out of a tree.

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Seller: 11 Bit Studios
Cost: $1.99 ($0.99 for iPhone version, Sleepwalker’s Journey HD Free limited to eight levels)
Buy: Sleepwalker’s Journey HD

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