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Get your toothbrushes ready because your dentist may not approve of this one. Candy Crush Saga from uses candies as the game pieces for a sugary version of “match three.”

What is it?

Candy Crush

As you stroll through what looks like Candyland, you get to play new match-three levels, collecting points and power boosts. The first few levels have well constructed tutorials and tips for completing the level. If you have points enough to spend, you can also buy (or earn after a few levels) a power-up to help speed the level clearing process. You’ll need to keep an eye on the move counter at the bottom, as you have a limited number of moves to complete each level.

How does it work?

The game play is pretty straightforward—tap a candy and slide it one place up/down or left/right. If you can match three like candies, they will disappear and new candies will drop into place.

The background music is a loop and not entirely pleasing, but not too annoying. The graphics are nice but, somehow, the candy looks more like bits of glass (maybe a bit too shiny?).

Is it contagious?

Candy CrushThe game play is fine and the levels aren’t too difficult, so younger players may like it as well. The free version price tag is also nice. What isn’t so nice is the “you ran out of moves, how would you like to pay $0.99 for 5 more moves this round?” in game salesmanship.

If you like the match three type games, this is a nice variant.

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Seller: Ltd.
Cost: Free
Download: Candy Crush Saga

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  • Floria

    With iPhone 5 the app don’t let me in Candy Crush Saga. Why?

  • Candy Crush Tips

    The game is very interesting but sometimes very very frustrating. I hate when I got stuck in some levels for weeks. People are so addicted to the game that they are paying to get lives and boosters (I don`t know why :-p )… All in all a good game.