Customize a bamboo iPhone case this Christmas

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iPhone Bamboo Case

iPhone cases can be tricky to give as holiday gifts. Does the recipient care more about protection, function or fashion? Will the case work with their third party accessories? What color would they want? What theme? Too many questions to make the gift a surefire success. But one way you likely can’t go wrong is with a laser engraved iPhone bamboo case from iGear.

I should explain up front that I haven’t actually sampled an iGear case; I’m going strictly from the press release. But whether you’re looking to protect an iPhone 5 or iPhone 4/4s, the iPhone Bamboo case looks pretty slick. Bamboo is lightweight, but very strong, and the case features a velvet lining to protect the back of the iPhone. All ports are, of course, fully accessible while the iPhone is inside the case.

That alone can be purchased for $59.99. But you can also throw in custom laser engraving for a total of $99.99.

The new laser engraving option allows customers to upload their favorite artwork and make a truly one-of-a-kind phone case. Using an easy-to-use online Interactive Designer, customers can upload, crop, scale, and position the artwork on the fly. Adding customized text and approval of the finished design all happen directly from within the web browser instantly. While pure black and white images are most common for engraving, iGear’s advanced laser system also accommodates grayscale images, to create an engraved image of varying intensities.

If you’d like to give the iPhone Bamboo Case a go, now’s the time to do it; through January 1st, 2013, buyers can save 10% on their order by entering the code “engintro10off” at checkout. Facebook and Twitter users can save 15%.

For more information on the case and savings options, visit the iGear website.

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