Philips introduces Lighting speaker docks for iPhone 5, iPod touch 5th gen

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Philips has announced they will be releasing a set of three new accessories for Apple’s iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5th generation, optimized for Apple new lighting dock connectors. Customers will have choice between a bedroom dock with clock and two docking speakers. There will also be a high end speaker system offered that will come equipped Apple’s new lighting connector.

Philips Bedroom Docking Speaker

This docking speaker accessory has a 360-degree design, providing rich omnidirectional sound to fill your bedroom.

The clock display of the docking speaker automatically synchronizes with the clock of your Apple device, and the speaker also includes a USB port at the back of the speaker allowing users to easily charge a second mobile device.

Philips Room To Room Docking Speaker

This new speaker dock incorporates high-quality neodymium speakers, which are great for better bass response and a pure balanced sound quality while also charging your device when it’s docked.

Philips Portable Docking Speaker

While slim and compact enough to fit in your bag, this portable docking speaker features Philips’ wOOx technology that provides a rich quality sound and deep bass. Precise tuning between the speaker drivers ensures a smooth transition between low- to mid- and high-frequencies.

The Portable Docking Speaker has a built-in battery that lasts for approximately eight hours, so you can enjoy your music anywhere on the go.

Philips Music Lifestyle System

The Music Lifestyle System has an elegant and slim design that looks good in any modern interior. As well as charging and playing music from Lightning enabled devices through its retractable Lightning dock, the system also includes a CD player and FM radio.

Even with its slender footprint, the system delivers 20W RMS power to provide a great sound performance.

While Philips doesn’t reveal exact release dates for these products, it’s hinted they’ll be available for purchase soon.

Via: [Philips Press-room]

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