DragonDictate for Mac: Watch & Learn Video Training Guide review

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Provides: Video training for DragonDictate
Developer: Say I Can
Price: $34.99
Availability: Now

With computers, there’s always something more to learn, especially when using powerful and complex software like Nuance’s DragonDictate for Mac. Nuance includes a good PDF user manual with Dictate, but sometimes it helps a lot to see and hear as well as read when learning how to use a program, and of course the aural dimension is especially appropriate pertaining to speech recognition application like Dictate.

Watch & Learn is a package of audio-visual tutorials on how to use DragonDictate and get the best out of its many features. I’ve been using dictation software on a regular basis since the late 90s, and I still learned a lot from Watch & Learn.

While Dictate’s basic function—transcribing spoken words into computer text—is pretty straightforward and intuitive, some of the program’s other features—such as correction, editing, and voice navigation—are more of a challenge to learn. It is with those aspects of the program that users will probably find Watch & Learn invaluable.

The Dragon Dictate for Mac: Watch and Learn video training guide consists of 12 QuickTime video lessons demonstrated and narrated by speech recognition expert Dan Newman. The videos teach you how to get DragonDictate up and running quickly with both basic instruction and expert tips and techniques for accurate dictation, and much more to help users get the most from this powerful application.

It’s not quite like having a private tutor at your side to walk you through learning DragonDictate, but it’s arguably the next best thing.

The twelve video lessons cumulatively contain more than an hour of instruction and include:

  • Setup and Training (4 minutes)
  • Starting to Dictate (4 minutes)
  • Quick Tour (11 minutes)
  • Punctuation and Capitalization (5 minutes)
  • Spelling and Numbers (6 minutes)
  • Correcting by Keyboard (6 minutes)
  • Correcting by Voice (4 minutes)
  • Adding New Words (2 minutes)
  • Improving Accuracy (5 minutes)
  • Healthy Computing (3 minutes)
  • Tips for Speaking and Dictating (5 minutes)
  • Text Macros (5 minutes)

Dan Newman is President of Say I Can Speech Recognition, and the author of three books on speech recognition software. He has also written on the topic for many publications, including PC Magazine and Speech Technology, and appeared on the PBS television show Computer Chronicles. As a teacher, he has helped thousands of people use Dragon software successfully.

“Dragon Dictate for Mac is a complex and powerful program that can help you work faster and easier—if used properly,” said Newman. “My new video series guides you through the ins and outs of how to get the most out of Dragon Dictate for Mac.”

On the downside, Dragon Dictate for Mac: Watch and Learn is based on Dragon Dictate for Mac version 2, not the current version 3. Most of the topics covered apply just fine to version 3 as well, so that’s not a fatal shortcoming, but due to its datedness, I’ll give Dragon Dictate for Mac: Watch and Learn a 3 out of 5 rating.

The Dragon Dictate for Mac: Watch and Learn video training guide is available as a download from for $34.99 .

A sample lesson—Punctuation and Capitalization—can be downloaded from the Dragon Dictate for Mac – Watch and Learn website.

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