Free Apps Roundup for December 7, 2012

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This week on the Free Apps Roundup: Here in the US it’s after Thanksgiving, which means it’s Christmas for the next month or so. Apple wants to give away some gifts to join in the festivities, and they’re doing it with an app called the 12 Days of Christmas. Download it now so you’ll be ready for the free stream of goodies. Or maybe you’d be interested in chasing down felons and smashing them in Smash Cops Heat. Then there’s the newest update to Amazon’s Kindle app for iOS. Now you can take advantage of X-Ray for books. And don’t forget about the limited time freebies; there are a lot of great apps and games just waiting to be downloaded.

The Top Three:

  • iTunes 12 Days of Christmas – If there’s one thing most everyone can agree on during the holiday season, it’s presents. Apple is joining in on the fun and giving away free stuff for the 12 days following christmas this year. Download the app now so you can be ready when they start giving away songs, music videos, apps, books and TV episodes.
  • Smash Cops Heat – Smash Cops are back in this supercharged new game full of cool new features, bonus missions and extreme pursuit vehicles. You are the police in America’s wildest TV chases. It’s an intense action racing game, but you also have to track down the felons and, well, smash!
  • Kindle – Amazon just updated their excellent reader app with X-Ray for books. X-Ray for books helps you learn more about notable characters, places, and phrases with descriptions from and Wikipedia.


  • Lumix Link – If you own a Panasonic FX90, SZ5, or GH3, this app lets you see what the camera sees with Live View. You can even control most of the functions on the camera remotely. Better yet, it will transfer the GPS data from your iPhone and attach it to your photos.

Free for a limited time:

  • Snapseed – Enhance, transform, and share your photos with ease using the advanced features available in this app.
  • The Sims Medieval – Go old school by taking your Sims back to the times of castles, kings, jester and knights.
  • FlightBoard – Get the information you need about flight arrivals and departures with the style of the board at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris.
  • iBlast Moki HD – Bombs, contraptions and physics puzzles. It’s the trifecta.
  • MultiFlow: times tables Reimagined – I learned to love math as a kid with fun, yet education, math based games. This is just such an app that’s aiming to teach kids their multiplication tables.
  • Garmin Fit – Turn your iPhone into a powerful training tool that can track your walks, runs and more.
  • Acme Planetary Defense – Another defense shooter, but this game has you protecting an entire planet. Can you protect it from asteroids, alien invaders and… blobs!?
  • Babel Rising 3D – You are a great, almighty and angry deity. You must hurl bolts of holy lightning, summon punishing earthquakes, and unleash vengeful floods upon the foolish and irreverent Humans. What’s it all for? To keep them from building the tower of Babel. Sounds like fun, right?
  • Asteroid 2012 3D – It’s like the classic game asteroids with one extra dimension for free.
  • BMX Jam – Freestyle your way across 60 action packed levels in this 2D BMX game.
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