Square-Enix announces new games, holiday sales

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Final Fantasy Dimensions

Square Enix, Inc., has announced details of the holiday deals they’ll be rolling out throughout December, beginning with discounts on a slew of Fantasy Final titles. Those games are on sale right now, but before we get to that, Square-Enix would like you to know about a couple new games heading to iOS soon: Final Fantasy IV and Qwirkle.

Final Fantasy IV is an RPG with a diverse cast of characters, deep plot, and real-time Active Time Battle (ATB) system. This new version for iOS is based on the full 3D remake released in 2008, and Square-Enix believes it’s “…the best role-playing game experience available on iOS devices.”

They’re also releasing Qwirkle, the 2011 Spiel des Jahres winner and the Mensa Best Mind Game of 2007. Players earn points by building rows and columns of tiles that share a common shape or color. Tactical maneuvering and well-planned strategy is enhanced by power-ups that add an additional layer of intricacy whether playing solo or multiplayer.

Now, to the sale. The current Final Fantasy deals are running through December 14th:

  • Final Fantasy I – normally $8.99, now $3.99
  • Final Fantasy II – normally $8.99, now $3.99
  • Final Fantasy III – normally $15.99, now $8.99 (iPhone); normally $16.99, now $9.99 (iPad)
  • Final Fantasy Dimensions – normally, $28.99 now $16.99

The following deals will run from December 12th through January 7th:

  • Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light – normally $2.99, now $0.99 (iPhone, iPad)
  • Victorian Mysteries: Woman in White – normally $2.99, now$0.99  (iPad)
  • Victorian Mysteries: The Moonstone – normally $2.99, now$0.99  (iPad)

And finally, American Mensa Academy for iPhone and iPad will be $1.99 (normally $4.99) from December 17th through January 7th.

For these and other Square-Enix games, visit the iTunes App Store.

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