Cygnett Workmate iPad mini case review

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Provides: Protection for iPad Mini
Developer: Cygnett
Minimum Requirements: iPad Mini
Price: $36.95
Availability: Now

Alright, up for review is a shock absorbing case for the iPad mini by Cygnett. It’s one of those cases that provides full protection from bumps, accidental falls and other mishaps that your iPad mini may encounter. To provide this ample protection, this kind of case sacrifices form factor for functionality. So, if you want to maintain your iPad mini’s thin design, this is not the case for you. But if you put more value into protecting your iPad mini, read on and find out why you should get this iPad Mini case.

The Cygnett Workmate shock absorbing case for iPad Mini features a heavy duty and impact cushioning layered design. It is composed of two protective parts; the outer layer is a hard component that seems to be not to easily breakable, and the softer inner layer provides cushion when you accidentally drop or bump your iPad mini into hard surface. Hence, this iPad Mini case is good companion whenever you put your iPad Mini at work or at play. And if you’ve got kids who borrows your iPad Mini from time to time, dressing it up with this case will stop you from worrying that they might accidentally damage it.

As mentioned, this is the type of case that adds bulk to your iPad Mini. But since the mini is so thin to begin with you likely won’t get too annoyed by the added bulk. I’ve reviewed a similar case from a different brand for the regular iPad, and due to the added bulk I had to remove it once the review period was over. I don’t expect to do the same with this case because of the iPad mini’s thin design.

The Cygnett Workmate iPad mini Case is available in red/black and slate gray/black color options.

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