Frequency personalizes your video stream on the iPhone

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Frequency, which launched in January of this year, is a free service that allows people to choose, personalize and watch video channels sourced from thousands of websites as well as their own Facebook, Twitter and YouTube feeds. Users of the service will be happy to note their streams will now be viewable on the iPhone. A universal app, Frequency is optimized for iOS 6 and iPhone 5.

Frequency aims to be the Netflix or Hulu of the almost unlimited amount of freely available, ad-supported online video available across the Internet. The service continuously indexes thousands of online video sources and organizes them into channels for quick and easy viewing on connected devices, including TVs, tablets, and now, iPhones.

Frequency’s latest app takes advantage of iPhone 5’s stunning display, advanced features, and industry-leading user experience to offer users a centralized place for finding and viewing online videos. Similar to Frequency’s service on other devices, the iPhone app delivers personalized recommendations based on interests and content viewing patterns that users can take with them to view wherever they are.

Upon launching the app, users will immediately see Frequency’s signature “Tuner,” which intelligently displays their favorite channels, connected services such as Facebook, and personalized channels made just for them. Designed from the ground up to be used with one hand, the app allows users to easily navigate across channels or up and down through individual video selections and categories with swipe actions. Users can easily share any video with friends via Message, SMS, email, social media, or save videos for later viewing, either in-app or on other devices, including the iPad, a computer, and on TV through Apple TV and AirPlay.

To download Frequency for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, visit the Apple App Store. For more information, visit

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