Gotta track ’em all with Pokédex for iOS

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PokedexDid you know there are apparently over 640 Pokémon characters? If so, then you surely understand the importance of the Pokédex, a database that puts official data and images at your fingertips. iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners will be happy to know that the Pokédex is now available as an iOS app, so you’ll never be with details on, say, Mareep, Tyrogue, Ginger, Posh or Night Train.

But it’s more than just pictures and stats (these aren’t baseball cards, after all). The Pokédex provides fans with information such as how to evolve a Pokémon, locations where specific Pokémon are found, and against which types of attacks an individual Pokémon is weak.

After downloading the official Pokédex for iOS [$1.99 USD], fans have immediate access to the Unova Pokédex (National Pokédex No. 494-647) and can quickly browse Pokémon either by name or by Pokédex number, move, Ability, or type. The application’s intuitive interface allows users to sort Pokémon in numerous ways based on their distinctive characteristics. Once a user chooses a particular Pokémon, a detailed and dynamic 360-degree image of the Pokémon appears with a full encyclopedia entry, including its name, height and weight, type, Ability, and moves it can learn. Each Pokémon’s entry includes the locations where the Pokémon can be found in Pokémon BlackPokémon WhitePokémon Black 2, and Pokémon White 2.

Once fans get Pokédex for iOS, they can search the app’s Store to purchase the full National Pokédex, region by region: Kanto Pokédex (National Pokédex No. 001-151), Johto Pokédex (National Pokédex No. 152-251), Hoenn Pokédex (National Pokédex No. 252-386), and Sinnoh Pokédex (National Pokédex No. 387-493) for $5.99 USD each. Every regional Pokédex features the same level of detailed information as that provided by the Unova Pokédex.

If you have any idea what any of that means, then you know why why you need the Pokédex for iOS. It’s available now in the App Store for $1.99. For more information, visit

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