Pioneer’s DDJ-WeGO DJ controller now comes with Algoriddim’s djay LE for Mac

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Pioneer announced today that their popular DDJ-WeGO DJ controller (doesn’t that just roll off the tongue?) now plays well with Algoriddim’s djay LE DJ software for Mac. Additionally, if you buy or already own a DDJ-WeGO controller, you can now download djay LE for free. The djay LE app is basically the same as Algoriddim’s regular djay application for Mac, except you can’t record your mixes and you can’t use the Automix function. But you have the DDJ-WeGO controller, so you won’t want to leave all the mixing fun to Automix anyway, right?

Pioneer’s DDJ-WeGO DJ controller is perfect for beginners to learn the ways of the DJ. It connects to your computer via USB, which also powers the controller. There are two huge jog wheels, buttons, knobs and switches galore. But there are some special features too, like the Pulse control. It’s a way of getting visual feedback about the songs you’re mixing. For instance, with Mix pulse, you can see the pitch difference between the two songs currently playing based on the brightness of the light. Brighter is better. There’s a built in audio card for expanded music storage and portability, audio ports for high quality input and output, and the whole thing weighs less than four pounds. It comes with Virtual DJ, but given the news above, you might just want to use djay LE instead, because it too is perfect for beginners. And just in case you’re wondering, anyone can download djay LE, but you’ll need the controller to activate the software.

You can buy a DDJ-WeGO controller now for $399.

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