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Bored with your stock photos on Camera Roll? Create something fun and unique with the MyMosaic app this holiday season and unleash the slumbering creativity inside. As the name suggests, MyMosaic lets you create and share beautiful mosaics from your iOS device.

What is it?

My Mosaic

MindStrip Studios’ MyMosaic is a photography app that turns images into photo mosaics up to 30×30 inches in size.

Once you launch the app, you have two options: take a photo or choose from the Camera Roll. MyMosaic’s intuitive interface lets you choose the photos from the album you would like to use to create your mosaic.

How does it work?

MyMosaic is easy to use. After you take or select a photo, it’ll be shown on the screen. Tap the Mosaic options to apply the changes. The tile source is intuitively connected to the Camera roll, just select the albums you wish to add.

Adjust the Number of tiles, Colour Shift, Variety and Consolidate tiles options to customise the settings for your art. Tap Make Mosaic and wait for a few seconds to see the results. Zoom in using your fingertips and see the tiny photos intricately arranged.

My Mosaic

You can save the mosaic (10×10, 20×20, and 30×30 sizes), and you can print it in poster size. Your mosaic can also be shared via Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Flickr. Show the world your masterpiece; it’s a unique electronic gift for your friends and family.

Is it contagious?

Definitely, MyMosaic is highly contagious. I love the way it generates photo mosaics. Honestly, I got addicted. I just wish the developer will release its iPad version. As of this writing, it works best on iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

Despite the minor shortcomings, MyMosaic creates unlimited professional-quality photo mosaics in a few taps and snaps.

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  • Rod Walker

    Nice app. It could be enhanced if it could be used to make a real mosaic. Each color is assigned a number, and the app outputs a list of colors, that is, numbers, and you can make an excellent real mosalic on a wall, whithout any need of artistic skills.