Creative Christmas Gifts: CG Pro Prints Canvas Gallery Wraps

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The thing about our Macs and iDevices is that they makes it easier and easier for us to get generic with our holiday gifts. Gift cards, download codes, website credits…all kinds of things that are convenient and often quite useful (I will never turn down an iTunes or Best Buy gift card, thank you kindly), but not very fun for the giver or recipient.

The same equipment also makes it quite simple for us to put together some thoughtful, wonderfully personalized gift options that wouldn’t otherwise be available to us. CG Pro Prints is a great example of this. There are myriad options available for turning photographs into canvas style prints, and CG Pro Prints is one pro photographers and artists should consider.

The process is very simple. From the website, you first select the size of the canvas you want. They range from 10″ x 10″ ($12.99) to 32″ x 48″ ($84.99). No matter which size you go with, your print will have a 1-1/4″ depth with a solid face that will support the canvas and prevent it from coming loose. The edges are tucked in nicely for tight corners, and the backer board comes ready to hang.

When choosing the frame size, you’ll want to make sure you have an appropriately sized photo ready for upload. Because CG Pro Prints is set up exclusively for professional photographers, quality DSLR photography is suggested. However, because the photos are printed are canvas, CG Pro Prints suggests that anything above 150ppi is lost. They therefore recommend photos between 100 and 150 ppi.

Once you’ve chosen your photo, you upload the image via the CG Pro Prints website. Once it’s in place, you can specify whether you want a classic border (the image extends to wrap the sides of the frame) or a color border. The advantage to the color border is that your entire photo remains on the face of the canvas, but the classic borders present a more natural flow around the thick edge.

CG Pro Prints

You also get basic zoom capabilities, and if you do choose a color border, you can select the color from a color wheel.

That’s pretty much it for set-up. Select your shipping method, make your payment, and you’re done. Your print will arrive carefully packaged and ready to hang. When mine came in, I was was quite impressed with the color accuracy, considering the difficulty of the photo I chose.

CG Pro Prints

Some detail was lost versus the digital photo, of course, but that’s expected in a canvas print. The texture is nice, the wrapping is indeed quite tight, and the finish looks pretty good no matter what the lighting conditions.

CG Pro Prints

If you do decide to try something like this for Christmas, you’ll want to hurry. The CG Pro Prints site has their Christmas cut-off dates listed, and the 5 day shipping option ended today. As long as you’re willing to pay for overnight delivery, however, you have until December 18th to get in your order.

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