indiePub believes those Bad Bots are just misunderstood

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Bad Bots

indiePub has announced their intention—misguided or not—to bring Bad Bots to PC and Mac as well as iOS and Android devices in early 2013. The retro platform shooter is being developed by award-winning indie creator, Vanni Del Moral, who received Honorable Mention in indiePub’s 2012 Independent Propeller Awards competition.

Bad Bots centers around an interstellar grease mechanic named Sam McRae who wakes up from cryogenic hypersleep to discover the ship’s robotic crew has been reprogrammed to destroy humans. To make matters worse, the ship has been rerouted on an explosive collision course with Earth…which makes one wonder what’s the point of destroying the humans before then, but we did say that these are bad bots.

Sam will use brute force to hack and blast his way through the onslaught to find a way to prevent a potential planet-destroying catastrophe.

Bad Bots will be available Q1 2013 for PC (Windows), Mac, iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) and Android devices. Learn more by liking the Bad Bots Facebook page.

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