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Out of nowhere comes a new game using the tried-and-true formula of mixing top-down ball launching games with trajectory and shot strength. From its name alone, you know Bunny Cannon will involve tons of ball-launching gameplay. However, this time around you’ll be shooting male and female bunnies towards male and female bunnies to produce even more bunnies and to place them in their respective baskets. This, dear reader, is what Bunny Cannon is all about.

What is it?

In Bunny Cannon, a young rabbit questions, “Where do bunnies come from?” upon the birth of his new baby sister. The adult rabbits fail to answer, leaving the bunny with his imagination to fill in the blanks and to set the game in motion.

Bunny Cannon tasks you with carefully aiming and launching bunnies from your cannon to hit other bunnies. The collision results in more bunnies popping out. There are obstacles along the way to make the game levels a bit difficult to conquer, but it’s not frustratingly difficult, I assure you. The object of each level is to collect the required number of bunnies in two baskets at opposing ends.

How does it work?

Playing the game is pretty simple. Your Cannon loads up a female and male bunny in succession. Your goal is to fire them towards other bunnies strategically positioned in the playing field. To assist you for better targeting, you can move the cannon from left to right. You can also adjust the angle of the cannon to set its trajectory.

Is it contagious?

Surprisingly, the game can become pretty addictive. This is probably due to the simple gameplay which offers hours of fun. In addition, the game’s graphics are very colorful and add to the fun.

So, if you’re looking for something new to play this week, take a look at Bunny Cannon. Be warned, though, that the game will easily get you hooked, and you might continuously play it for a couple of days. But that’s not a bad thing at all; it only goes to show how fun this game is.

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