Appidemic: Herd Herd Herd Deluxe for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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Have you ever tried to herd chickens? No? Would you like to try? Don’t worry, these chickens won’t get you worn out and dirty from running around the barnyard.

What is it?

Herd Herd Herd is sort of an action arcade game. You are a farm hand and your job is to herd the chickens into their respective pens. While herding, make sure you protect them from the foxes and the poxes (some of the non-herding chickens have a “pox”). Avoid the mini canyons as well (use the bridge to cross), but make sure you move quickly because each round is timed.

Herd Herd Herd

While herding your chickens, try to collect the three stars in each round for bonus points. The game does offer extras like a UFO fly-by, an increase in “bop time” (bop a fox to stun it), a lasso extension, harvest moon (add five seconds to the round), “fart stick” (not going there), or a picnic basket assortment—all for real money via in-app purchase, of course.

Herd Herd Herd

How does it work?

To make the chickens go where you want them to go is easy, at least in concept. Just tap the screen near your chicken of choice and it will move away from your finger. The direction the chicken takes is along a straight line that connects the chicken and the point of contact between your finger and the screen. Herding the chicken around corners, etc. is a bit like driving in reverse. The look of the game is appropriately cartoonish, but the background music is a bit less than pleasant. The “dialogue” you get from the farmer between rounds is more like unintelligible sounds, and is a bit annoying.

Herd Herd Herd

Is it contagious?

This isn’t necessarily the most stimulating game, but there is an almost realistic frustration of trying to get a chicken to go where you want it to go. The game is pretty simple to play, but there is at least some challenge given the timer and the maneuverability factors. The prices for the extra helps are a bit steep for what they are, but the basic game will provide some distraction for a while.

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