Olloclip 3-in-one photo lens for iPhone 5 review

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Provides: Fisheye, wide-angle and macro photography for iPhone 5
Developer: olloclip
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 5
Price: $69.99
Availability: Now

I’m not entirely happy that my iPhone 5 has eclipsed my Nikon D40 as my go-to camera, but there’s no debating the iPhone’s convenience. It’s almost always right there, and it makes sharing the photos much easier to do. If you find yourself in the same situation, you needn’t worry about being stuck with the iPhone’s default and largely unchangeable camera settings. Grab yourself an Olloclip, and you’ll be pleased with what you can accomplish.

The Olloclip is small device that you slip over the iPhone’s camera lens. Slide it over one way, and you’ve added a fisheye lens that captures a nearly 180° field of view.

Olloclip for iPhone 5

Again, you’re working with only the iPhone camera, but the effect is nicely done and, combined with the right camera app, can make for some very impressive results.

The beauty of the Olloclip, though, is that if you turn it over to slide it on the other way, you get wide-angle capabilities. With apologies for the poor lighting in the sample below, you can see the difference this lens makes. Left hand side is standard iPhone width, right hand side is with the Olloclip lens.

Olloclip for iPhone 5

The photo was taken from the exact same position, so it’ll now be easier to squeeze the entire extended family into your holiday gathering photos. You can also get some pretty impressive landscape photos.

Finally, by unscrewing the wide-angle lens, you’re left with a nearly 10x multiplier macro lens that allows you to focus the iPhone within 12 to 15mm of your photo’s subject. This isn’t one that will come into play nearly as often, but it can be fun to have the capability.

Olloclip for iPhone 5

The blurriness of the edges is due to the spherical shape of the ornament, but it’s a good indicator that it’s quite hard to focus at this range; the only method of doing so is by adjusting the iPhone’s distance from the subject.

This is everything the Olloclip can do, but we should also discuss the means by which it does it. Sliding the Olloclip into place is simple enough, but you’ll obviously need to remove any protective cases. And because of the snug fit (which is all that holds the Olloclip in place), even skins can be a problem.

Olloclip for iPhone 5

So, my advice to those who use their iPhone frequently for photos (and I don’t just mean candid shots at parties and around the house, I mean for photography), buy a case that’s easy to remove and make sure you keep an Olloclip handy (the included carrying bag and lens caps help).  If you’re going to be taking shots with your iPhone, why would you deny yourself these capabilities?

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Olloclip 3-in-one photo lens for iPhone 5 review

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