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Now here’s a puzzling game you can check out to beat that holiday boredom. Gather ’round the table with friends and family and help the explorer figure his way out to the next level. This mind-boggling game was designed for a single player, but you can invite your friends to figure out how to guide to the light. And it’s free for today only.

What is it?

Guide the Light is a recently released iOS puzzle game from Appynation & Phasic Labs, where the object of the game is to guide the beams of light from the point of origin so that Captain Blake, the explorer, can get to the gem on the other side of the wall.

That’s easier said than done, as the game’s mechanics are packed with obstacles in your path to impede the beams from connecting to the same colours.

How does it work?

Once you launch the app, you can tap the help button to learn how to help Captain Blake explore the pyramids. It starts off simple, as it’s not until level four and beyond that you run into obstacles before you can connect the beam light to the corresponding colours using the angled mirrors. Every time you solve a puzzle; the door opens between each chamber in the pyramid where you’ll see beams of light.

To move the light to it’s destination, simply move the angled mirrors so they can reflect the light where it needs to go.

If you can’t figure it out, consult the vision crystal by pressing the question mark button.

Is it contagious?

Guide the Light is somewhat contagious. There’s nothing remarkable when it comes to the mechanics, although it will really make you think ahead. The completion of a puzzle may bring joy and relief to those who love this genre. Anyway, you can try it today while it’s free and see how it goes.

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Seller: Appynation
Cost: $0.99 (free today only)
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