Record and share video with the free YouTube Capture app for iPhone and iPod touch

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YouTube has launched a new native app for iPhone and iPod Touch dubbed YouTube Capture. From its simple features and functionality, you can say YouTube Capture is very much like Instagram, but for video. As such, it aims to make it easier for you to shoot video using your iPhone or iPod Touch and share the video as quickly as possible with your friends and family by uploading it to your YouTube account.

After you install the app on your device, YouTube Capture is ready to record your video. When completed, you can write a description, choose the networks with which you want to share it, and simply tap on “Share.” The good news is that the app uploads in the background so you can use your device for other purposes while waiting for your video to get posted on YouTube.

You can set the viewing settings of your video from the app itself , whether private, unlisted or public. Additionally, YouTube Capture lets you touch up your video before uploading. The app has color correction and a stabilization feature, as well as video trimming. You can also add background music from YouTube.

YouTube Capture is available now as a free download from the iTunes App Store. Simple as it may seem, the app is still worth a look. Who knows, you might find it better than the default camera app on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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