Todoist to-do list app is now available for Mac and Windows

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TodoistWe got this release last week, but as I look at my to-do list and wonder how I’m going to get caught up by year’s end, I find myself reading the release again.

Todoist—a task manager service already in use by over 400,000 people—is available for pretty much every relevant device and OS out there (and a few that aren’t relevant) now that it’s available for Windows and Mac computers.

Constructed upon the innovative HTML5 technology, the new Todoist computer apps will provide users permanent, extremely rapid, and instant access to their task manager with global shortcuts and tray/status menu icons. With the same powerful features and general look as the web version of Todoist, users won’t have to learn any new interface and will be able to fluidly jump from one to the other. Another key aspect of Todoist for Windows and Mac is that it automatically synchronizes with all other devices and platforms, and automatically updates itself to the latest version of Todoist.

In other words, quite handy, which is pretty much a necessity at this time of year.

If you’re looking for a way to keep your Mac and iPhone to-do lists in sync (something Apple still hasn’t been able to get right), Todoist is certainly worth a try. The apps are free for Mac and iPhone / iPod touch, but a premium upgrade for $29.95 a year will get you mobile and e-mail reminders, integration with iCal tasks, task search, and additional features.

Product [Todoist Mac]

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