Holiday gift options: Hard shell cases for iPhone 5

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If the folks on your holiday gift list recently acquired an iPhone 5, what better to give than the gift of protection? Hard shell cases snap onto the iPhone and are designed to remain in place; they are typically designed for light protection, mainly from scuffs, scratches and small bumps. They are perfect for protecting an iPhone 5 that spends most of its time in a pocket or a bag, and can be a great way to add some personality to the recipient’s iPhone.

Arctic: Metal Brick

Arctic’s motto—”Curious about ideas, serious about style”—shows through in every design they make, and the Metal Brick line is no exception. Some of Arctic’s cases have been reviewed here on Appletell, and they all offer a dash of protection with a dollop of style.

Arctic Metal Bric

The stunning Metal Brick, made with real aluminum, offers a unique three-dimensional metal brick pattern on the back that looks and feels great in either polished gunmetal or silver. The case offers a tight fit for slimline protection, adding mere millimeters to the iPhone 5’s profile. A soft grip rubber on the sides and cutouts for the top, bottom, volume rocker, and camera ensure your iPhone remains as usable as it is stylish.

Offered at $24 for the holiday season with free shipping, the Metal Brick case is available from the Arctic Store.

Uniea: Fundamental

Uniea’s Fundamental Series is just that: fundamental. These cases are simple, unadorned, and designed to protect your iPhone from scratches and light impacts. The Fundamental case is slightly flexible, although still a hard shell case, which makes removing one of these cases a much easier task than removing many other hard shells. If you find yourself changing cases often (to match your mood, outfit, alignment of your planets, whatever), a Fundamental case will fit the bill nicely.

Available in a variety of colors from basic white and black to red or blue, the Fundamental is offered in cool matte finishes that offer thoughtful features like raised ridges along the sides for additional grip.

The cheapest of the bunch at just $20, the Fundamental Series cases are available from Uniea’s website.

Uniea: Hearts

Where subtlety is one of the Fundamental series’ biggest strengths, it is utterly absent from Uniea’s Hearts design. Adorned with a high impact pattern, the Hearts case is designed to draw attention—perfect if you want to dress your iPhone up to stand out in a crowd.

Offering the same great protection as the Fundamental, as well as useful features like the raised side ridges for added grip, the Hearts case is a more rigid case that is designed to stay on (so go for this only if you are sure your recipient loves hearts, as removing it is not a trivial matter). Thanks to a high resistance coating, the design is durable enough to keep looking good until the iPhone 6 comes out, at which time who cares what your boring old iPhone 5 looks like?

Available in black/white, black/red, or pink/black, the Hearts case is $25 and available from Uniea’s website.

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