Humble Indie Bundle 7 has games, music, and a movie for Mac users

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Humble Bundle Indie Bundle 7

The Humble Indie Bundle 7 is now available with 4 games, 1 movie, and 2 bonus games for Mac, Windows, and Linux gamers everywhere.

You’d have to spend $140 to get everything separately, but with the Humble Indie Bundle 7 you can set your own price. You choose how much goes to the developers, charities (Electric Frontier Foundation, Child’s Play), and Humble Bundle itself. In order to get the bonus games you’ll need to spend more than the average, so the sooner you buy the less you’ll have to spend. Just don’t dawdle since you only have until January 2nd to take advantage of Humble Indie Bundle 7 before it’s gone for good.

The games included in Humble Indie Bundle 7 include:

  • Shank 2 — When those closest to Shank are under attack, get ready to bust out your handguns, shotguns, automatic weapons, chainsaws, machetes, grenades, and more to bring the hurt against those responsible. Shank 2 features a new combat system and retains its amazing comic book-style visuals, guaranteeing the ultimate slugfest.
  • Indie Game: The Movie — Indie Game: The Movie is a fantastic feature-length documentary about making video games. It specifically focuses on Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes during the development of Super Meat Boy, Phil Fish while he develops Fez, and Jonathan Blow and his acclaimed indie title, Braid.
  • Closure — In the dark and mysterious world of Closure, only what you see exists. Manipulate lights to phase objects in and out of reality in this platform puzzler. Play as a strange spider-like demon who explores the stories of three human characters through beautiful, eerie environments such as a decrepit factory, a murky forest, an abandoned carnival, and the strange, surreal realm that connects them together.
  • The Binding of Isaac + Wrath of the Lamb DLC — Fight your fears with tears in this top-down action RPG shooter with heavy rogue-like elements. The Binding of Isaac is a gift from the twisted mind of Edmund McMillen (co-creator of Super Meat Boy), bringing players a delicious brew of Legend of Zelda-esque dungeons, Robotron-esque run-and-gun, and action-RPG progression. This awesome package also comes with Isaac’s DLC pack, Wrath of the Lamb, which adds new rooms, items, bosses, music, and more!
  • Snapshot — In this creative and colorful side-scrolling puzzler by Retro Affect, guide Pic, a robot lost in an abandoned world and armed with a very unique device: his camera! With this amazing tool, Pic can take snapshots of elements on each level and then re-add them elsewhere, creating a highly imaginative puzzle-solving experience. Fireball coming your way? Take a snapshot to capture the fireball, rotate the picture and paste the fireball in a different direction to knock over a pile of boxes in your way! So focus your lens and get ready to follow Pic through over 100 levels of platforming and puzzling!
  • Legend of Grimrock (bonus game) — Old school and modern gaming combines in this thrilling dungeon crawler RPG from Almost Human Games. A group of prisoners are sentenced to certain death by exile to the secluded Mount Grimrock for vile crimes they may or may not have committed. Unbeknownst to their captors, the mountain is riddled with ancient tunnels, dungeons, and tombs built by crumbled civilizations long perished now. If they ever wish to see daylight again and reclaim their freedom, the ragtag group of prisoners must form a team and descend through the mountain, level by level.
  • Dungeon Defenders + 23 DLC packs (bonus game) — Dungeon Defenders is a combination action RPG/tower defense game that lets you (and 3 other friends) take on the role of four different hero classes and fend off an invasion of baddies. Strategically place various defenses and traps throughout the battlefield and then dive into the action yourself. Dungeon Defenders features a ton of loot, customization, and upgrades, and comes with a gigantic horde of DLC.

All of the games can be played on OS X, Windows, or Linux, and you can either unlock them on Steam (if you pay $1 or more) or download DRM-free versions. You’re not limited to a single platform because you get access to these games on all of them. Play The Binding of Isaac on your Mac and Legend of Grimrock on your Windows laptop without having to buy a separate bundle for each.

Each game has separate system requirements, but Mac users running OS X v10.6 or higher will be able to play all of them without any trouble.

You also get the complete soundtracks for all of the games in MP3 or lossless (FLAC) format.

There have usually been additional games offered after a few days that require spending more than the average. The sooner you take advantage of the Humble Bundle the lower this average usually is.

Humble Bundle has more information on how to purchase a bundle for yourself or a friend. Just remember you only have until January 2nd before this deal ends for good.

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