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Do you suspect you are smarter than the average bear? If so, maybe you enjoy games that challenge you to think. Mensa Academy is such a game. It gives you puzzles to solve and questions to answer and it’s surprisingly fun. Yes, I said it; I had fun taking tests, and I think you just might, too.

What is it?

Mensa Academy is a puzzle game that is a sort of brain training game. It’s similar to games like Big Brain Academy, but instead of just giving you mini puzzles to keep you on your feet, there’s a Test mode to measure your intellect. It’s both a leisure game that can fill a few minutes of your time here and there or you can fill much more time by taking Tests.

How does it work?

There are three main modes in Mensa Academy: Play, Coach, and Test. The Play mode has five categories of mini games: Language, Numeracy, Logic, Visual, and Memory. Each of these has what I’m going to call levels that are graded. There’s a pass mark, and the goal is to solve 10 puzzles quickly and accurately. There are different kinds of puzzles, and the game gives you instructions on how to go about solving them each time you encounter a new type.

The Coach mode is a lot like Play, but you can single out which type of puzzle you specifically want to master. Medals are awarded when you can perfectly solve 10 consecutive puzzles. You’ll have to go through a few levels of Play before you can unlock puzzles in Coach mode though.

Finally, there’s Test mode, which is arguably the most fun part of this game. It give you 15 minutes to solve 30 random questions. Obviously, the goal is to answer as many of these questions correctly as possible without making any mistakes. It should be noted that the Test mode questions aren’t exactly the same thing as the Play or Coach mode puzzles. The puzzle may help your thought process, but they won’t help you answer the Test questions as well as just taking more Tests.

Is it contagious?

Before I say yes, let me say I’ve had an unnatural affinity for tests and mathematics since I was very young. So, you could argue my mind is abnormally primed for this sort of thing. That said, if you like brain games, this is a great one to try.

The only drawback I could find to this game are the graphics. They try to be more complicated than they need to be, with things like 3D characters. As a result, the game can take a while to load and sometimes feels sluggish. Other than that, this game is great fun. I particularly enjoyed the Test mode, since it gives you an approximate measure of your IQ. This number is almost guaranteed to be inflated, but it’s still pretty fun to see.

In fact, if you do achieve an IQ over 160 in Test mode, not only do you get a virtual certificate and unlock the highest IQ achievement in the game, you are also encouraged take a real IQ exam because there’s a decent chance you will meet the requirement to join Mensa. And since I managed a 161 on my third try, I think I might do just that.

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