iOS 6.0.2 update causing iPhone battery drain

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We reported earlier on a minor update to iOS 6 meant to fix Wi-Fi connection issues on Apple’s iPhone 5 and iPad mini devices. It now appears the update contains a bug that causes the iPhone battery to drain drastically faster than with previous versions of iOS 6. Oddly, reports indicate that the battery drain is relegated solely to the iPhone 5.

Users have flocked to Apple’s support forums to report the problem. I suppose the good news is that the update did seem to fix the Wi-Fi connection issue.

As of now, there’s no official word from Apple regarding the iOS 6.0.2 battery problem. Apple’s been pretty good about solving these problems with OS updates and current rumors suggest we’ll be seeing iOS 6.1 sometime in January. Until then, better keep that Lightning cable handy.

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  • Stue

    I have noticed myself before reading this article that ever since I updated, my 2 month old iPhone 5 is not lasting as long as before. I thought perhaps I had too many applications running in the background so I changed the notifications settings and it got better, but not like it was…thanks for the article. I’ll wait for fix.

  • Tejas

    I am on holidays and I updated my iPhone 2 days back using complimentary hotel wifi, and man I was amazed to see how fast my battery drains really its just like a water in the river, I was left with nothing when my phone emptied in middle in middle of my trip, I was telling to my wife that thus might be new software problem and I found this article on flipboard, since I am apple fan boy waiting for apple to fix it fast.
    Thanks for article

  • Adrian Mann

    I have an iPad2 and my battery needs recharging more often then before with the new system.

  • Ante

    Same here.. Battery drains faster after update..

  • androidboy

    It would be great if they fixed the annoying ‘feature’ where the personal hotspot stops broadcasting wifi if you don’t use it for a couple of minutes, it drives me mad having to keep restarting the feature to reconnect my iPad.