The Festive Apple 2012: Christmas games for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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Looking for iOS games with a Christmas theme? We’ve got a full collection of games available in our Christmas apps and accessories for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch roundup, so be sure to check that out. Here, we provide additional details on some of the more festive options, covering everything from Rudolph to the Nutcracker to St. Nick himself.

Rudolph’s Gift

Oceanhouse Media, Inc. offers Rudolph’s Gift, a free holiday game for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Based on the timeless Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer TV special, the game lets users play Rudolph as he leads Santa’s sleigh and delivers presents to children around the world. Players can collect power-ups and upgrade Rudolph’s abilities as they deliver as many presents as possible while dodging airborne obstacles.

Rudolph’s Gift features:

  • Dual touch controls that allow players to move Rudolph with one hand and shine his light with the other
  • Upgrade Power-ups such as Cloud Buster, Invincibility, 4X Presents, and more
  • The option to fly with different characters (Santa, Hermey the Elf, Yukon Cornelius) and sleigh colors
  • Vivid Retina graphics, festive music, entertaining sound effects and voices from the classic TV special
  • The chance to compare High Scores, Most Presents delivered and Furthest Distance flown on Game Center Leaderboards

Rudolph’s Gift is suitable for ages 5 and up and supports iOS 5.0 (and higher) and iPhone3GS (and newer) devices. Some items in the game are initially locked. Everything can be unlocked by achieving specific scores or via in-app purchases.

Product [Rudolph’s Gift]

Christmas Mansion HD

Notus Games Studio’s Christmas Mansion HD 1.0.2 is a a match-3 puzzle game for iPad that the whole family can enjoy. The game has been released in English and eight more languages. In this game, players play through a series of Match 3 levels, collect Santa’s coins and prepare their house for Christmas with beautiful ornaments and illuminations. The basic gameplay is enhanced with bonus-items and is presented to the player through polished and diverse levels.

Price: Freemium ($4.99 in-app purchase to unlock full game)

Product [Christmas Mansion HD]

Christmas Stories: Nutcracker Collector’s Edition HD

Christmas Stories: Nutcracker Collectors Edition HD is a hidden object puzzle adventure game that is sure to become a quick family favorite.

Help the Nutcracker rescue the princess from the evil Rat King in this memorable hidden-object puzzle adventure game. You might be too late for the Christmas Ball, but you’re just in time for adventure! The Nutcracker needs your help, and there’s an army of rats running rampant through the kingdom. Luckily, a few cute little sidekicks have got your back. Uncover the Rat King’s evil plot and find out what created the toothy little monster.

Key features:

  • Beloved tale with a twist – Everyone knows the story of the Nutcracker, but now we see it from a whole different perspective
  • Stunning graphics – This extensive world comes alive with beautifully detailed backgrounds that draw you ever deeper into the story
  • Bonus content – Exciting extras include soundtracks, wallpapers, and a bonus chapter
  • Integrated strategy guide – Get stuck? Not to worry, the strategy guide is built right in to help out!

Price: Freemium ($4.99 in-app purchase to unlock full game)

Product [Christmas Stories: Nutcracker Collectors Edition HD]

Santa Adventure

Osja Studio today has announced the release and immediate availability of Santa Adventure 1.0, their new game title for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Christmas is here and Santa is out to deliver the gifts again. But gingerbread man is up to no good; he has stolen the gifts from Santa. Can you help Santa to get the gifts back?

3 games in 1:

  1. The game starts out as a “Run and Jump” game in which you’ll control Santa to jump over cliffs, step on gingerbread man, smash down the snowman, bounce off polar bear’s belly to get stars, collect as many gifts along the way as possible.
  2. In this flying section, you will control the sleigh as it flies up and down to collect the gifts. But you have to look out for gingerbread man, avoid him or slam your sleigh on his head to drop him down. Collect as many gifts as possible and other special items to power up your jet sleigh. Then you’ll deliver the gifts you collect.
  3. It’s “Sky Dive” time, in which you control Santa by dragging him left and right to collect the gifts and avoid gingerbread man and polar bear.

The adventure never ends if you are strong enough to survive. Collect as many gifts as possible and avoid the enemies. That’s it.

Price: $0.99

Product [Santa Adventure]

Santa For Night Return

2kolobka has announced the release of a new unique Christmas arcade game. Arthur, an ordinary inhabitant of the Earth, wants to know how Santa Claus will deliver all those gifts in one Night. He will find out it’s because this is Magic Time. Here, his adventures begin as he’s somehow hired for the special operation. And now Arthur, who didn’t believe in miracles, must present all the people of the world with Christmas magic within one night. It’ll require logic, skill, quick reactions and the Christmas spirit.

In the game, you will see:

  • 336 levels
  • Game Secrets
  • 5 mission types
  • 13 major cities from around the world
  • Santa Claus Homeland – Lapland
  • More than 50 unique gifts
  • More than 25 unique obstacles
  • And, of course, fight for the top prize – the Cup of the Real Santa Claus

Price: $0.99

Product [Santa for Night Return]

All I Want From Santa

Iconosys, Inc. has announced the release of the new and enhanced All I Want From Santa 3.0, a Smartphone/Smart Device app that allows for the continuation of those precious childhood Christmas dreams by giving kids around the world the chance to create, update, and send their wish lists and letters to Santa. This app also enhances gift giving by Mom, Dad and/or other adults by sending a text message or email to the parent’s or adult’s phone, letting them know when the child has added something new to his or her gift wish list.

This year, All I Want From Santa is now optimized for iPad, iPhone, Motorola Xoom Family, Kindle Fire, the NOOK Family of Tablets, as well as for other tablets and Smartphone/Smart Device families. In addition, the app comes with some very handy and parent-pleasing additional features, including pop-up suggestions regarding where the best deals may be found for getting that gift your child so desperately wants, a priority system that helps your children prioritize their gift choices and communicate these rankings of “want and need” to the gift giver, and finally, an easy to use “thank you card” helper that ensures your child learns the valuable lesson of thanking the gift giver for the holiday presents.

All I Want From Santa 3.0 Features Include:

  • A very polished, “Santa-Official,” and a unique, yet easy-to-use interface.
  • Add, edit, delete functionality for a customized database of wish list items per child user; the app also sends updates to Santa (and the gift-giving adult) each time the child desires to change the wish list.
  • A priority ordering system for gifts, which allows the child to organize his or her gift lists and gives the parents guidance on what is most important to their children in terms of must-have presents.
  • Unique login accounts, which allows parents to manage their gift giving for an unlimited number of children per Smartphone app.
  • Archive previous years wish-list and letters to Santa for retrieving at later years for reminiscing and sharing.
  • Write, edit and send functionality for sending as many letters to Santa as a child app user desires.
  • Share your child’s letters and wish-list on Facebook with family and friends.
  • The new “THANK YOU CARD” helper feature, which makes it easier for the child to send those all important thank you notes that are so much appreciated by the adult gift giver.
  • A “Countdown to Christmas Day” indicator so kids can keep track of the days to Santa’s arrival.

Price: Free

Product [All I Want From Santa]

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