Cygnett Enigma iPad mini folio case review

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Provides: Protection for iPad mini
Developer: Cygnett
Minimum Requirements: iPad Mini
Price: $37.98
Availability: Now

Next up in our mini series on Cygnett iPad mini case reviews is the Enigma flexi-folding folio case. I’ve got the pink version of this case, which made my wife smile since she will definitely be the one to use it. This iPad mini folio case is made of two parts with two different materials. The first part, which holds the iPad Mini, is made of hard plastic. Kudos to Cygnett for making this part of the case fit the iPad Mini so perfectly, snapping onto your iPad Mini for a secure hold.

Cygnett Enigma iPad mini folio case

The other part of this iPad mini folio case is the soft, rubberised cover which has a microfiber inner that protects the screen from scratches. Now for the fun part, the cover may be soft, but it serves as a stand when folded backwards. Unlike other similar cases with covers that serve as stand, the soft cover of the Enigma iPad Mini case is folded in a rather special way. Take a look at the picture below to give you an idea how this works.

Quiet surprisingly, when folded that way, the soft cover becomes a sturdy stand for the iPad Mini.

What else do you need to know about this iPad mini folio case? Well, yes, it provides access to all the ports and functions of the iPad mini and it doesn’t add too much bulk. Sadly, though, the case does not support the sleep/wake function.

Cygnett enigma folio case for ipad mini

So, if you’re seeking a simple yet trendy iPad mini case with a quirky way of folding into a stand, the Cygnett Enigma flexi-folding folio case is worth a closer look. The case is available in black, pink and blue color designs.

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