Just Mobile HeadStand headphone stand review

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Provides: Text, e-mail and talk while driving
Developer: Just Mobile, Ltd.
Price: $49.95
Availability: Now

This is a tricky review to write, because I don’t want to try to sell you on this product. It’ll get a favorable review from me, but I’m not telling you to go buy it. I’m not saying it’d make the “perfect gift” (which is non-existent, anyway). I don’t even think I really need to write anything, because whether you want Just Mobile’s HeadStand headphone hangar will likely be determined by looking at this picture.

Just Mobile HeadStand

See that thing holding the headphones? $50.00. You know by now if you want it.

If you’d like to know, the HeadStand is crafted from aluminum, and looks perfectly natural sitting next to your iMac or MacBook (as with pretty much all Just Mobile products). The design is slick and modern, with a height that accommodated every pair of headphones I tried, from the lightweight Koss headphones I use at work to the heavyweight noise canceling Fanny Wangz seen below. They hang over the center of the pedestal in a manner that highlights the headphones themselves, making the HeadStand a logical choice for stores or listening stations (do those still exist?). And if you have excess headphone cable cluttering your desk, the dual base design allows you to wrap away the cable.

Just Mobile HeadStand

But do you need such a thing? I debated this quite a few times with a coworker, who swore he’d never use them. I did. I can’t say I ever thought about wanting such a thing, but once I received the review unit from Just Mobile, I immediately started to use the HeadStand, and was glad it was there. I no longer had to hide the headphones away when clients were in my office. I no longer had to swipe stray cords off my keyboard. When I wanted my headphones, I knew right where they’d be, and that they’d be tangle free.

But, again, do you need such a thing? Well, how nice are your headphones? How big are they? How important is a clean desk? In this age of wireless keyboards and mice, is your headphone cable tying you down to the 1990s?

Look, you already know if you want to spend $50 on a headphone stand. If you do, the Just Mobile HeadStand is as well designed and constructed as anything else they’ve released, and that’s high praise. If you don’t, believe me…I totally understand.

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Just Mobile HeadStand Review

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