Free Apps Roundup for December 28, 2012

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This week on the Free Apps Roundup: Well, it’s the last roundup of the year and there’s a decent chance you might have just received a new iOS device. New or old, your iOS devices want to be filled with apps, and this is the right place to find some new ones. If you like games, it’s totally your week. There’s Wordament, which is a new take on a multiplayer word game. You play against everyone! If that’s not your cup of tea, don’t worry, because there are some really awesome limited time freebies that you’re definitely going to want to try out.

The Top Three:

  • Wordament – How about another word game? Wordament is a unique word game that has you competing for two minutes at a time against everyone else currently playing. Each board is unique, and there are different challenges for each round. And they keep track of stats online too.
  • Burn the Rope Worlds – Light up your iPhone by burning some rope in this unique puzzle game that’s gone free for a limited time. There are 100 brand new levels, four different themed worlds and a new mini-game. Get it while it’s free. Don’t wait. Do it now.
  • Luxor 2 – Luxor is one of my favorite leisurely games in general, and now you can grab this version for free for a limited time. If you’ve played Luxor or Zuma before, you know what this game is. If not, it’s a match 3 style game that has you firing orbs at a train of colored orbs trying to eliminate the whole thing before it reaches the end of the track. Download it before they come to their senses and start charging again.


  • MyScript Calculator – It’s no secret that I love calculators. This one is unique and reminds me of an episode of Big Bang Theory quite a bit. Instead of buttons, this app has you entering in your calculations via handwriting. The app then converts this to text and performs the calculation.
  • Letterpress – I’ve featured this game before, but it’s the runner up to the game of the year on the App Store. So maybe you should try it out, no? Find words, steal tiles and color the board in this word based game.
  • Action Movie FX – This app won the app of the year on the App Store, so it deserves another mention as well. It’s an app that can add some pretty awesome effects to your videos.
  • Runkeeper – It’s almost the new year, which means everyone’s favorite New Year’s resolution is just about to start again. This app, as always, will gladly track your runs or other workouts, all the while giving you real time stats like pace and distance. Then it puts all that information online so you can track it over time.

Free for a limited time:

  • Snowboard Hero – This game brings an unrivaled 3D snowboard experience with wicked tricks, insane air time and super fast downhill speed. In fact, it looks a lot like SSX.
  • Avengers Initiative – This game won an IGN People’s Choice Award. To celebrate that, it’s free for a limited time. Currently, you can brawl as Hulk or Captain America in stunning graphics.
  • Luxor Evolved – If you downloaded the Luxor game above, you should just go ahead and download this one too. It’s the same great style of gameplay, only with a more ’80s look. It visually reminds me of Geometry Wars.
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