Put 2012 in review with PulpMotion for OS X

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Pulp Motion

2012 is coming to a close, and it’s time to take a look back at everything you accomplished: places you visited, friends you made, concerts you saw. Facebook is great for posting that soup you made (well done!), but if you really want to turn your memories into something worth watching (and sharing with others), you may want to look at software like PulpMotion.

PulpMotion from Aquafadas uses templates that make it easy to assemble your favorite photos, videos and music into visually engaging slideshows. Starting with hundreds of themes from which to chose, you can customize slideshows with transitions and animations that can be exported in video format and published directly to YouTube, iDVD and more.

PulpMotion 3.5 makes it easy to create your year-in-review video with features that include:

Slideshow Creation Anyone Can Master: With PulpMotion, creating a lively, engaging slideshow is as easy as dragging and dropping in media. Users can import photos and videos then add music to complete the effect. Pop up tips assist creators every step of the way, with a variety of controls and functionalities to fine-tune the slideshow.

Share Your Memories With the Ones You Love: PulpMotion’s export menu allows users to share their creations easily with friends and family by simply exporting to their iPhone, YouTube, iDVD, Apple TV and more. Users can save parameters, such as screen size, as a preset to reuse in the future. High-resolution export settings and improved color fidelity ensure your work of art will appear just as beautiful as it is intended to.

Advanced Audio Capabilities: What’s a great slideshow without sound? With PulpMotion, users can simply drag and drop audio files straight from iTunes and synchronize music with their shows so viewers can experience the full effect. Whether it’s music, sound effects or a voiceover, slides can be easily adjusted to match the length of the associated sound file.

PulpMotion 3.5 is available now for $49. Existing users can update free of charge. For more information, visit

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