Defend your Apple gear with the Gumdrop Drop Tech Series

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The presents are given, the wrapping is gone, and vacations will soon be over. That means a return to the hustle and bustle of every day life, and with it the chance you will drop one of your shiny new Apple gadgets, be it an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook Pro. If you need serious protection against bumps, scratches and drops, check out Gumdrop’s Drop Tech series of cases. Offering a superior combination of hardcore defensive protection with a distinctly designer flair, these cases can shield your Appe gadgets from whatever you care to throw at them. Most of the Drop Tech cases are offered in your choice of basic black, black+red, or Army Green, as well as the Designer Series colors which include blue+pink, purple+pink, yellow+blue, or orange+blue.

For iPad mini

The Drop Tech iPad mini case is ready for adventure, with a rugged rubber exterior and reinforced corners for extreme shock absorbency. The rigid internal plastic frame cradles the iPad, while a snap-on rubber exterior absorbs bumps and prevents damage. The integrated screen protector provides additional scratch protection without obstructing the front facing camera for full iPad functionality. All ports are covered/closed by default with the exception of the front/rear cameras, microphone, and speakers (though the rubber does muffle the iPad’s sound somewhat). Covers over the Lightning port, headphone jack, and mute/orientation lock switch flip open for easy access when needed.  The three dimensional chevron pattern on the back and sides of the case even provide for additional grippiness, offering convenient notches on the side and back for your fingers to rest when holding your iPad.

The iPad Mini Drop Tech case is offered at $60 at the Gumdrop store, and is available in the Designer Series colors as well as basic black.

For iPhone 5

The iPhone is a perennial favorite holiday gift, so if you want a case that is less designer and more drop kick, the Drop Tech is just the ticket. Gum Drop’s case offers a rigid internal plastic frame that holds your iPhone securely, while the rubber exterior features reinforced corners and raised back ridges for shock absorbency. Just like the iPad mini case, all ports and switches are fully covered, but remain easily accessible via flip-open covers. The rubber is soft touch and pleasant to hold, providing a nice mix of durability and extra grip. The integrated screen protector covers everything except the front-facing camera and speaker, while out back the rear-facing camera cutout features a matte black ring that helps diminish glare when using the iPhone’s built-in flash.

Available for $45 at the Gumdrop store, the iPhone 5 Drop Tech case can be had in designer colors or basic black.

For MacBook Pro

If a new MacBook Pro (with or without the Retina display) has just joined your gadget lineup, Gumdrop has got you covered there, too. Gumdrop actually has a pretty unique take on the laptop sleeve, offering not a simple neoprene sleeve but a rugged clamshell with a truly innovative interior bracketing system that holds your MacBook (or other 11/13/15 inch laptop). One side of the interior is a soft-touch microfiber lining featuring four velcro-backed rubber brackets that can be repositioned to accommodate your specific laptop model.

By aligning the brackets with the corners of your laptop you can brace it securely in the sleeve, preventing any shifting. A padded inner seal prevents the zipper from making direct contact with your laptop, while the ridged top half helps absorb pressure rather than letting your screen get squashed.

This sleeve’s killer feature is really its fold-flat design. It opens and lays completely flat, while the integrated bumpers help stabilize your MacBook for typing on less than stable surfaces, like a lap, tiny airplane tray, or cramped hotel desk.

Available only in basic black, the Drop Tech Sleeve is available at the Gumdrop shop for $50.

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