Runkeeper iOS app updated with sleeker UI, more

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Runkeeper has been one of my most frequently used iPhone apps this year. I started using it when I was into running, and now that I’ve shifted my attention to biking, I’m still using the app to keep track of my biking activities. Runkeeper is a solid app when it comes to tracking various sports activities, which is why it has remained at the top of its class despite threats posed by other similar apps. And to end the year right, Runkeeper has just been updated to version 3.0.

New to Runkeeper 3.0 is a refreshed user interface. The app is now cleaner and easier on the eyes, creating a better user experience. The update also makes it easier to take photos when you’re done with your activity and quickly share them on Facebook.

The updated Runkeeper iOS app also makes it easier to sign up for the RunKeeper Elite membership via the app. One of the perks of being an elite member is the ability to broadcast activities live right from the app’s start screen.

Additionally, the app’s tracking accuracy was also improved for iOS6. And of course, the update is also bringing in tons of stability, performance and usability improvements.

This should boost Runkeeper’s membership base to a new level, and at just about the right time; I’m pretty sure many will be using the app at the start of New Year as an aftermath of the Holiday festivities. I personally can’t wait to use Runkeeper tomorrow morning for my first bike ride for 2013.

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