Appidemic: Andromedub for iPhone and iPod touch

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Andromedub may not really take you out of this galaxy, but it does have a starry background. Get your accelerometer skills out of the cupboard for the latest from Robot Panda Productions.

What is it?

Andromedub is a tilt game using the accelerometer to guide your satellite through space while collecting stars and avoiding aliens. But first, you get to create a “dance.” To create the dance, simply pick one of the songs from your iDevice (the app will list them automatically) and get your finger ready. As your song plays you need to tap, swipe, and/or flick the screen to keep the aliens workin’ it in the void.


Once you have created your dance you can share it with your friends on Facebook or play the song/dance as the next round on your interstellar voyage.

While you are collecting stars, don’t bump into the aliens—their groovin’ movin’ will deplete your energy reserves. Once you collect enough stars, your boost begins and you can start collecting the aliens for extra points.


How does it work?

The appraisal of the audio will depend on what tunes you have on you iDevice; if you don’t like the music, it’s your own fault (so there…).


The visuals are okay, but the “dance” the aliens are doing is close to a study in Brownian motion. While creating the dance portion, your input will change the shape and color of the stars in the background; it will also make the limbs of the aliens wiggle a bit, but not much else.

Is it contagious?

At $0.99, this is not an expensive game, nor is it a very complicated game. It’s good for all ages, and I’m going to hazard a guess that this one will be more popular with the younger crowd. Given the limitations of the dance creation phase, coupled with the time it takes to complete, I would rather see the game use some sort of beat recognition (like some of the visualization programs) to make the aliens dance and move. The gameplay mechanic is simple enough and slightly challenging, but I think I’ll pass on this one.

Category: Games
Seller: Robot Panda Productions
Cost: $0.99
Download: Andromedub

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