Trygger’s polarizing filter Camera Clip now running on Kickstarter

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Trygger Camera Clip

A whole new year means a whole new round of Kickstarter campaigns, some of which we want to make sure you know about. One of these is Trygger’s new Camera Clip polarizing filter for iPhone 5. You may remember their recently released Camera Case, which brings the same photo functionality plus low profile iPhone protection. The Clip, on the other hand, is just that; it clips onto your iPhone 5’s camera much like the recently reviewed 3-in-1 Olloclip.

The Camera Clip, however, serves only one purpose; filter out noisy light to give you less glare and richer, sharper photos. Unlike a full case, the Camera Clip is a small device that hugs the camera corner of your iPhone. A color neutral polarizing film sits between two layers of scratch resistant optical glass and filters the light that comes into your iPhone camera as you take a picture. You can even adjust the filter to determine how much light gets through, allowing you to change the image when it’s taken, not after the fact with effect apps.

Trygger Camera Clip

As the Trygger folks explain on their Kickstarter page:

For many of us, our iPhone has become our camera of choice. The image quality is great and our phones are always with us. We wanted to help iPhoneographers (you and me) make even better photos, so we looked to the pros and their DSLR kits for inspiration. Professional photographers have relied on polarizing filters to clean up noisy light for decades. The Camera Clip brings that same polarizing filter to your iPhone camera– quickly attachable–and always ready to take great pictures.

When you use the Trygger the Camera Clip with your iPhone, it cuts out glare and unwanted reflections while making colors richer and contrast sharper. It’s going to make the world through your phone look more like the world you see through your eyes so you can capture all of life’s moments the way you remember them.

At press time, Trygger’s Camera Clip is at $2,722 of it’s $10,000 goal with 23 days to go. Pledges begin at $1, but $30 will get you your choice of a white or black Camera Clip for your iPhone 5 (estimated delivery in February).

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