The Bizarre Holidays of 2013 app gives you hundreds of reasons to party

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Bizarre HolidaysMy knowledge of most holidays begins and ends with how they affect my neighborhood’s garbage collection. If the fine people at Republic Services don’t get Talk Like a Pirate Day off, then I don’t care about Talk Like a Pirate Day. You may not feel the same. If holidays to you—no matter how bizarre—are a good reason to gather with friends and share a few drinks, Bizarre Holidays for iPhone and iPod touch may be just what you need.

Apparently, there’s one or more holiday every day of the year. Things like the aforementioned Talk like a Pirate Day, Take Your Dog to Work Day, Popcorn Day, and hundreds more. Who knew?

The app allows users to see just one day’s worth of zany holidays or look ahead with the calendar feature to plan upcoming celebrations. Many days of the year have more than one random holiday and the app is updated annually at no cost to provide endless bizarre holidays. The app also features Facebook and Twitter capabilities so users can share the fun with their friends.

Bizarre Holidays is updated yearly at no cost, so you’ll always know when Blame Someone Else Day and Dance Like a Chicken Day are coming up (and hopefully when they’ve been eliminated).

Additional features include:

  • Share holidays with friends via Facebook and Twitter
  • Colorful and festive backgrounds
  • Calendar feature for looking ahead
  • Multiple holidays listed on many days

Bizarre Holidays 6.0 is available for iPhone and iPod touch for $0.99.

Happy gomi day, everyone.

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