Movie Madness trivia game released for iOS

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Movie Madness

If there’s one thing people who love movies love even more, it’s proving they know more than their friends about said movies. If this sounds like you, Movora Software Development has released Movie Madness, a head-to-head trivia game, in both a free and paid version for iPhone and iPod touch.

Check out some of the Movie Madness features:

  • Over 1,000 questions from a variety of different genres
  • 3 free genres: Action, Comedy, and Films of the ’00s
  • Round-based gameplay against your friends
  • Earn tickets from playing and use them to buy additional genres/powerups
  • Extended Stats Screen that keeps track of in-game statistics
  • Head-to-head records against your opponents
  • Integration With Facebook
  • Updated for the bigger iPhone 5 screen

Add these features in with the paid version:

  • Double Tickets
  • Play up to 40 Games at once
  • Extended Stats
  • No More Advertisements

You can grab the free version here, and get the paid version for $1.99.

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