Trina Turk for M-Edge iPad mini case review

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Provides: Protection/display for iPad mini
Developer: M-Edge
Minimum Requirements: iPad mini
Price: $54.99
Availability: Coming soon

Trina Turk for M-Edge iPad mini case

Not all of us live in California, but that doesn’t mean your iPad mini can’t. M-Edge promotes its line of Trina Turk case designs as having “California-inspired glamor.” I’ll have to take their word for it, as I’m not even entirely sure what that means. I just know the Trina-Turk for M-Edge iPad mini case is a well designed and constructed option for those who want to give their mini a distinctive link and some decent protection.

The Trina Turk is a folio-style case with a hard but sligthly bendable shell. The interior is lined with microsuede to keep your iPad’s screen safe, while the exterior is covered with a soft-touch satin material accented with a leather spine. Two designs are available: ladybug and zigzag, both of which would look quite chic (Californian?) coming out of a handbag or book bag.

As with all good iDevice case designs, however, Trina Turk’s aren’t just about fashion. The hard cover provides great protection from scuffs and drops, as the entire iPad mini is held under and behind the case by corner straps. The hard corners of the case prevent the corners of the mini from coming into contact with the ground on drops, provided the cover stays closed; it’s held in place only with magnets.

Trina Turk for M-Edge iPad mini caseThe cover also serves as a display stand; ridges on the cover interior allow you to brace the iPad at two angles for viewing, and pulling it out all the way will rest the iPad mini against the spine for a comfortable typing angle.

The soft touch of both the interior and exterior materials, along with the gently rounded corner, make it comfortable hold.

My only problem with the Trina Turk for M-Edge iPad mini case is the price. It’s about $15 more than other cases that provide the same protection and functionality, so you’re definitely paying for the Trina Turk name. I imagine if you’re into fashion, however, you’re used to that. If so, there’s nothing here to stop you from picking up this case.

Trust your eye for fashion on the design, trust M-Edge on the protection.

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