Manage NFL playoff bracket pools with PocketBracket

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PcoketBracket for NFL PlayoffsBecause I know that at least some tech geeks out there are fully aware the NFL playoffs begin this weekend (and because I want AppleTell to be searchable for terms such as NFL playoffs, wild card and Super Bowl), I thought I’d let you know about PocketBracket: Pro Football Playoffs, which was released today by Pure Concepts.

PocketBracket allows users to create unlimited NFL playoff brackets and organize pools that are automatically scored and ranked. No interest in any of the remaining teams? Get in a pool, and suddenly it all matters again.

PocketBracket eliminates the hassle of managing your paper brackets. Completing your bracket is simple with the touch interface. PocketBracket also has a “SmartPick” feature to automatically advance your picks. Once the tournament starts, your bracket is scored and ranked after each game.

Also follow the NFL playoff games with scores and stats updates. And with PocketBracket’s “GameTalk”, you can cheer on your team and talk smack during the games.

In addition to managing your pools, PocketBracket makes it easy to set them up. The app automatically loads the 2013 NFL Playoffs bracket, and you can you can invite anyone to join your pool from within the app via email, iMessage, Facebook, or Twitter in one tap.

PocketBracket is available now for iPhone and iPod touch for $0.99. Also, GO SEAHAWKS!

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