Dear Mail Users, Nisus releases InfoClick email search program

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InfoClickNisus is one of my favorite software companies, and they make one of my favorite word processors: Nisus Writer Pro. They now also make an Apple Mail search tool called InfoClick, “designed to guide you to the emails you’ve been trying to find.” The only notification I received about this was a “letter from the president” in the Nisus Software Newsletter, so here it is, in case you don’t subscribe…

Dear Nisus Users,

I know that some of you are long-time customers of ours. Perhaps some even from our very first offering of Nisus in 1989. Thank you for supporting Nisus Writer!

People often complain that they cannot find the information they know is in their emails. If you are one of those, then you need InfoClick.

We are proud to release InfoClick, which will help you manage your emails. While searching, InfoClick will let you navigate through information in all your emails and notes. Information Navigation is far better and easier than the usual search.

Some companies offer email organizers. These assume organization will make finding emails easier. Unfortunately organization into distinct categories will always eventually fail and become frustrating. For example, if emails are organized into Personal and Business, where does an email which discusses both personal and business issues belong?

We take a different approach. We let you navigate through your emails. In navigating you see all the associations of categories, values, and words used. You do not need to guess what words were used in the emails, they are shown as you navigate. We ensure that you cannot choose combinations of categories, values, and words that match nothing.

Navigation is a guided process of progressively narrowing or winnowing matching emails, in a series of simple choices. You can quickly see your progress.

Although Apple’s Spotlight search is better than the competition, many still find it inadequate. InfoClick is much simpler, more versatile and much more powerful. Perhaps the most important difference between other products and InfoClick, is that InfoClick guides you to the available choices only. This helps you see associations and prevents empty search results, always guaranteeing a find.

InfoClick supports additional novel features which facilitate your searches. For example to see all emails received from educational organizations in the US and some other countries, simply type .edu in the From field. With a single click, you can narrow-down your search to only those emails that had an attachment, and/or to those that you received on a particular day of week, and/or those received in a given date range, and/or those that contain specific words. You can choose, as alternatives, all displayed word spellings used in the emails, so you don’t miss an email because of spelling errors.

InfoClick does this and a lot more while maintaining almost instantaneous responses.

Give InfoClick a try and let us know any suggestions or improvements. You can download InfoClick for a free 14 day trial or purchase for only $15 at our special InfoClick web site.


Jerzy Lewak
President and CEO of Nisus Software Inc.

InfoClick for OS X is available now for $15, and a free 15-day fully functional trial is available. For more information, visit the Nisus Software website. You may want to subscribe to the newsletter while you’re there.

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