Football Squares Plus returns for Super Bowl XLVII

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Football Squares Plus

To many people, the Super Bowl is about two things: commercials and the squares pool. The commercial thing is a waste anymore, if you ask me, considering big budget ads are being released all year long now, not just during the Super Bowl. But the squares pool? There’s money to be won there, and Football Squares Plus is ready to help you set up your pool.

The great thing (or the infuriating thing, depending upon your point of view) about the squares pool is that anyone can win it. It’s completely random, so no knowledge of the sport is required (unlike, say, fantasy football or March Madness brackets). More people can win, so more people enter, so the jackpot runs up to glorious levels. And, if you have no interest in the teams playing, you can root for 5s and 9s!

Oh, but in regards to the app, Football Squares Plus manages the entire process, from setting up the pool to buying squares, to selecting the winning squares.

New features for the 2013 Playoff and Super Bowl season include the ability to manage users and their “paid” amounts, have winners for each score of the game, and send out and process invitations to remote users to participate in the contest.

Sheets may be configured in a number of ways, including the traditional 10 X 10 grid with scores for each quarter, half, or just the final score. Advanced options include 5 X 5 grids, entire playoff match-ups instead of the standard two-team sheet, and customized scoring labels for uses.

The purchasing of squares can be enhanced with a field for the sheet maker to describe the cost of entry, as well as the prize structure. Sheet makers can password-protect the sheet to prevent unwanted changes from participants.

Users can save and retain all their sheets, and email the data file to other Football Squares Plus owners.

Via in-app purchase, users can add the ability to place a photo of participants on their square(s). That’ll run you $0.99 on top of the $2.99 app purchase price.

Football Squares Plus is compatible with iPad and requires iOS 5.0 or later.

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