Denon updates Music Maniac and Urban Raver headphone lines

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Denon’s headphones have been covered with great reviews here at Appletell, and they look to be getting off to a great start in 2013 with the announcement of six new headphones across two of the company’s high performance lines. The reference-quality Music Maniac line and bass-enhancing Urban Ravers offer something for audiophiles and groove artists alike, and options include both on-ear and in-ear styles to suit your tastes and music needs. Both lines also feature accompanying apps that can help you get the most out of  your music and your headphones.

She’s a maniac

Denon’s Music Maniacs are designed for the those who want a studio-quality listening experience. These cans are tuned to reproduce sound as recorded (using a flat equalizer rather than enhancing bass or emphasizing treble), so you hear the music without any artificiality—a very important feature for audiophiles. The on-ear model, the AH-D340, features some crazy geometry in the form of 2-axis ear cups that articulate 360º for a perfect fit, as well as pentagonal memory foam ear cups (because four sides are so last year).

Inside those ear cups are 40 mm drivers to deliver plenty of sound; those big drivers come with a big price tag, as the suggested price for the D340 is $300.

If you prefer in-ear listening, the Music Maniac series now includes the AH-C250, which deliver the same high performance sound in a smaller form factor. Customizing the fit is a breeze, with your choice of single or double silicone flanges ranging from extra small to large. Both the D340 and C250 include inline remotes and microphones for music playback and phone call control, and are accompanied by the Denon Audio app, which provides highly customizable EQ settings and TuneIn radio access.

The C250 are priced at $250.

Stark Raving

If driving bass is more your style than curmudgeonly reference cans, the new additions to the Urban Raver line offer up plenty of bass to help enhance your techno, electronic, or dance beats. There are four additions to the Raver line that let you more easily blend your headphones into your overall look—two actual models that come in two color choices. The on-ear models are the AH-D320BU and D320RD, which are blue and red versions of the same model, respectively.

The D320 features a sculpted, angular design and color accents that keep these cans from blending into the background, while still featuring the company’s 2-axis articulating earcup design.  This allows the headphones to adjust to fit you perfectly, while specially tuned 40mm drivers pump additional bass to enhance your music collection. Both D320 models are priced at $200, and feature a control wheel on the right ear cup that lets you dial the volume up or down, as well as control music playback and answer calls (the mic is located on one of the ear cups).

For the in-ear crowd, the new models are the AH-C100RD and C100BU (again red and blue), and they both feature 11mm drivers specifically tuned to deliver enhanced bass. Fit options for these in-ear headphones include single flange silicone ear tips in small, medium, or large, as well as Denon’s memory foam called Comply. The C100s feature a conventional in-line remote control and microphone for controlling playback and taking calls.

Both the C100s and the D320s are complimented by the Denon Club app, which provides access to the Urban Raver Community for sharing music, customizing EQ settings, and accessing TuneIn’s streaming radio.

The C100 are priced at $100.

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