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Released last week, Catch the Ark is another take on the endless running game, with a funny and cutesy twist. Whereas the latest endless runner game we told you about—Pitfall—closely follows the style of Temple Run, in Catch the Ark you won’t be running endlessly at all, but rafting.

What is it?

In Catch the Ark, you’re asked to brave the jungle rapids on a raft with three adorable creatures as your passengers. These creatures are Titans, Boon, and Zuzu, who were said to have not been invited to board Noah’s Ark.

This trio must face various hazards, including crocodiles and dinosaurs and even Noah himself who will do everything to make sure our beloved main characters won’t come out of the rapids alive.

How does it work?

You’ll start off from the same spot every time you start and restart a game. Restarting is caused by losing all three characters along the way, either by getting caught by the crocodiles or dinosaurs, bumping into huge rocks, and running into other hazards that pose threat. Points are awarded depending on the distance you’ve travelled from the starting point up to the point where your last character dies or vanishes into the rapids.

Steering the raft is as simple as tapping the right or left button continously. There’s no special control or gesture, just these two buttons. Along the way, you’ll be able to collect coins you can use to purchase power-ups and all sorts of boosts to make it easier for you to travel as far as your raft can. You can also use these coins to purchase new boats.

Is it contagious?

After playing several nice endless running games, I was not expecting to like Catch the Ark. But playing the game over and over again just to reach the farthest distance possible has made me enjoy the game. The farthest distance I’ve reached is worth something around 9,000+ points, and that’s not the furthest that you can go in this game. It really depends on your reflexes as to how you can avoid the hazards and obstacles along the way.

The game’s colorful graphics and impressive animations also help users to appreciate this game.

The gameplay is easy to pick up, and other features such as challenges and missions to achieve are great additions. Even the social feature of the game—which lets you challenge your friends via Facebook—is worthwhile to check out.

For a free game, Catch the Ark is definitely a must-download for your iOS devices. Although the game is optimized for the iPhone, it’s still a universal app and will run well even on the iPad mini (although there are few hiccups along the way; for the latest iPad, I don’t think that the hiccups will be there). Catch the Ark offers a great twist into the endless running game.

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