Pick up a no-contract iPhone 5 at Walmart with StraightTalk Wireless

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The retail giant Walmart and Straight Talk Wireless made headlines by announcing they will carry the iPhone 5 without needing a contract. Starting on January 11th, the companies will offer Apple’s iPhone under their low monthly cellphone plan of $45 that includes their unlimited talk, text and data.

However, since Straight-Talk is pre-paid carrier, customers must pay the full retail price for their iPhone 4 and 5, as it will not be subsidized by the carrier. The new iPhone 5 16GB will be available both in black or white for the price of $649, and the iPhone 4 (8GB) for $449.

For customers wanting to save money, when purchasing a new iPhone 5 at Walmart users can get a Walmart credit card that allows customers to slowly pay off their iPhone devices for as low price of $25 a month on top of the $45 unlimited prepaid plan.

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