Might & Magic Clash of Heroes hits iOS January 24th

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Might & Magic Clash of Heroes

Well, I know what I’ll be doing on the flight to San Francisco for Macworld | iWorld at the end of the month. Ubisoft has announced that Might & Magic Clash of Heroes—a mix of turn-based strategy, RPG and gem matching games that was one of the most addictive and entertaining games I ever played on my Nintendo DS—will be hitting iPhone, iPad and iPod touch on January 24th. An Android version will eventually follow.

Now, I don’t know much about the iOS release…the press kit download doesn’t appear to be working. So here’s some info from my review of Might & Magic Clash of Heroes for Nintendo DS:

Your army appears on the bottom screen, facing up. Your enemy is on top, facing down. Fighting on your behalf are usually three core unit types, along with three elite unit types and two champion unit types once you’ve acquired or purchased them. Elite and champion units must be matched up with two or four core units. They take more turns to charge into battle, but usually do more damage.

You’re given a set number of moves with which you can place your units, remove a unit or wall from the playing field, or call in more units (your reserves build up with each turn).

If you line three or more similar units side by side, they disappear to form a wall at the top of the bottom screen to curb your enemy’s attack. If you align three vertically, they begin to charge up for an attack. Charging can take from two to six turns, depending upon the unit, so you need to plan your attacks ahead of time. Once their charge reaches zero, they plow into your opponent’s territory. If their hit points are not dwindled to zero by walls or interfering soldiers, they will damage your opponent. Wear him/her/it down to zero, and you win the battle.

It’s actually even more involved than that, but here’s a teaser video to help you make sense of it.

Judging from that, iDevice owners can expect to get the updated HD version that was released for XBLA, PSN and PC in 2011. This makes sense, as the DS version was designed for two screens, obviously, and the iPhone and iPad can both handle the HD graphics.

The iOS version also comes with touch based controls (of course), exclusive wallpapers to unlock, new multiplayer features, and hopefully the balanced gameplay of the PSN and XBLA versions, as the DS original got extremely tough in the later battles.

Watch for the release of Might & Magic Clash of Heroes on January 24th, and we’ll be sure to bring you more details as they hit the wire.

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