Thunderbolt cables just became more affordable

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Apple Thunderbolt cables

If you were annoyed at having to spend $49 to get a Thunderbolt cable to go with your new Thunderbolt hard drive, monitor, or other peripheral you have a reason to celebrate.

Apple reduced the cost of its original 2.0 meter or 6-1/2 foot Thunderbolt cable to $39 from the original $49 at the Apple Store. You can save even more if you get the 0.5 meter or 20-inch Thunderbolt cable for $29, also at the Apple Store.

Support for Thunderbolt has been steadily increasing, with both high-end and low-end peripherals taking advantage of the fast data-transfer speed to make daisy-chaining or backing up an entire hard drive much easier and faster than before. Appletell’s CES 2013 coverage has a look at what is available now or coming soon.

Source [Apple Store]

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