CES 2013: Pioneer announces updates to AppRadio and AppRadio Mode connectivity

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App RadioThough Apple has no official presence at CES, gadgets and devices designed to interface with their iDevices are prominent players at the show. Pioneer’s announcement earlier this week of updated connectivity kits for their AppRadio and AppRadio Mode products allow you to better integrate your iPhone 5 (or any iDevice with a Lightning connector) into your in-car infotainment system for handsfree dialing and device control using your Pioneer car radio’s touchscreen controls. Get ready for some alphanumeric soup, as you will need to decode the Pioneer product lineup to figure out if your iPhone will play nice with your car stereo.


  • Compatible with: AppRadio 2 SPH-DA100, AVH-X8500BHS, AVIC-Z150BH and AVIC-X950BH

The CD-IH202 is a connector kit designed to handle audio and video transfer between your Pioneer stereo and iPhone 5. The kit includes a 2 meter HDMI cable to carry audio as well as video, and a USB cable for charging your iPhone. Retailing for $60 the CD-IH202 requires two other items for compatibility: the Apple Lightning to USB cable ($20), and the Lightning Digital AV Adapter ($50); this brings the total to $130. A Pioneer-provided firmware update for your radio is also required, and will be available in spring of this year at no charge.


  • CD-IV202AV Compatible with: 2013 multimedia DVD receivers and the AVH-P8400BH
  • CD-IV202NAVI Compatible with: AVIC-X850BT and 2012 in-dash navigation receivers

The CD-IV202AV and –NAVI kits are VGA kits designed to provide audio and video transfer using an included 1.5-meter USB cable for charging your iPhone 5. Want to find out if your Pioneer in-car gear is compatible? Check out Pioneer’s car audio page, here. The CD-IV202AV & -NAVI kits are $100, and also require the Apple Lightning to USB cable ($20), and the Lightning Digital AV Adapter ($50), bringing the total to $170.

Pioneer also announced an update to its Advanced AppMode software. Now called AppRadio or AppRadio Mode, this interface allows compatible Pioneer in-dash receivers to control apps on the iPhone via the in-dash touchscreen display. You can now access, play, and control Pandora and Aha Radio apps running on your iPhone without using the iPhone’s screen at all. The AppRadio/AppRadio Mode are part of existing in-dash receivers and provide additional control over existing Bluetooth integration options between iPhone and Pioneer in-dash receivers.

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