Stellar Drive Defrag for OS X review

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Provides: System optimization
Developer: Stellar
Minimum Requirements: PowerPC (G4 or above) or Intel Mac, OS X v10.4, 512MB RAM, 25MB free disk space
Price: $39
Availability: Out Now

Windows users are familiar with the disk defragmentation tools, but you may be wondering why Macs don’t have one. Macs running in OS X later than v10.2 likely don’t need to be defragmented because the system has its own built-in safeguards that prevent files from becoming fragmented once a user deletes and saves files.

So, do you really need to be concerned about this? That’s up to you. But if you find that defragging your system continues to squeeze some better performance out of your Mac, we’ll take a look at Stellar Drive Defrag to see if it’s a good option.


Stellar Drive Defrag helps users organize the fragmented data and free space in the Mac volumes by moving it all into one area to eliminate gaps. This may help you improve your system performance and effectively organize your data by freeing up larger storage areas.


You don’t have to be an advanced Mac user to go through Stellar Drive Defrag’s features to get started. Users can choose which volume to defrag, be it the primary hard drive, a recovery drive, a backup drive, etc. You also choose which algorithm to use, whether to defrag metadata, run a quick defrag or full defrag or optimize.


Stellar Drive Defrag can also create a bootable disc from which to launch your system if you’re going to defrag the main drive (which will usually be the case).

Once the utility is running, it just works fab. It’s disk defragment software after all, and doesn’t need a lot of babysitting or bells and whistles.

However, I didn’t see much difference before and after I use this tool; my Mac has been running like a coyote ever since I bought it. But depending upon how you use your system, and if you need every last ounce of performance, there may be some benefits to be had. The question is whether those benefits are worth the $40 asking price.

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Stellar Drive Defrag for OS X Review
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  • scotsdave

    You must have had better luck than me. I installed it on a Powermac G5 but when I ran it I got an error message to say my HD had problems so I ran Disk Utility (which said the drive was OK, in the usual reassuring way!) so I tried again only to get the same message so I ran applejack and then tried again only to get the same message about my HD. I then tried installing it on a Powerbook G4 and I got to the stage where I inserted a DVD to create a bootable DVD but the burning failed. THen I tried it on my Macbook. This time I managed to burn a bootable DVD. However when I inserted it the DVD was immediately ejected. My verdict is to save your money and not buy it. It would have been interesting to see how things would have gone if I’d tried a free download first before parting with my money. Truly a case of caveat emptor (Latin for Buyer Beware!)

  • Dave

    I tried this on my iMac Mountain Lion and it was a disaster. User Manual was blank, buttons to continue each process were missing and had to create a boot disk which was a nightmare. Asked for the promised refund and this was their reply:
    “We would like to inform you that we cannot consider your refund request as according to our refund policy, a refund can only be processed in case, if we are not able to provide you any support or if there is any bug found in our software.”

  • Jim Browning

    SAVE YOUR $40 !!
    This POS was installed on 3 Macs running Snow Leopard …
    Made 3 different Boot Disks – Sony, Panasonic, and TDK – NONE WORKED
    on ANY of the MACS –

    Customer Service is NIL …….
    STAY AWAY !!!!!!

  • Jim Browning

    This App is a joke !!!

    Save your $40 !!!

  • Alastair Houghton

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  • Robert Lambert

    Full credit to the support team. They gave it their best shot to help me with my problems.
    I purchased StellarDrive Defra, for my Apple 27″ iMac, running Maverick.
    I made 5 DVD boot disks, whilst following the advice from the support team, but every one didn’t work at all, so no ‘clean up’ on my HD, which is why I bought it.
    But is does work very slowly on external drives, although my 4TB took 4 days and 3 nights running perform.
    As you will agree, that’s unacceptable. so all I can say is “what a terrible shame”!
    I really hoped the software did the business, but also within a reasonable time.
    I still need to defrag the external drive once the ‘free space optimizer’ has finished. You will need to do this first anyway.
    What a punishment and such a waste of time! I have another 4T external drive to do after this one.
    Good Luck with your system.

    Very disappointed.

  • Jennifer Nordstrom

    SAME PROBLEMS AS THE ONES LISTED ABOVE! ;( WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY! I will be calling tomorrow for a refund, which I hear will probably NOT be a possibility. Bad customer service!